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Welcome to Sundling Road

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Welcome to the Sundling Road website!


As a continuation of my journey beyond Etsy, this platform allows me to bring you a wider array of products at more competitive prices. Keep an eye on our site, as I will be regularly adding new items to our catalog.

Running this very small business out of McFarland, WI, I am still the one behind every design and creation. From custom hats and engraved bats to wood maps and more, I utilize my laser cutter to craft a variety of items including slate and cork coasters, tumblers, and leather patches.  I'll also be offering uniquely designed t-shirts and printed items in a variety of choices and styles.


While I continue to create custom lake map items, I consider these special art pieces and all will be designed and priced individually. If you're interested in a unique lake map, please contact me directly to discuss your vision.


Thank you for your support of Sundling Road as I continue to grow and evolve. I look forward to crafting your personal masterpieces, tailored precisely to your specifications!


The name “Sundling Road” is paying homage to the Sundling Rd. in northern WI - the road named after my great grandfather, Axel, who came over from Sweden in the early 1900s and settled in Winter, WI in 1918.  At the end of what became "Sundling Rd." he built a homestead and a family. One of his lasting legacies was a hand-built cabin on that property, which still stands today and I visit as often as I can.

With Sundling Road, I am striving to continue his legacy while at the same time creating my own. While my great grandfather's work was done all using early 20th century hand tools, I have the advantage of using large format CNC and laser cutters, sublimation printers, as well as many other digital and power tools.  That said, you will still find me using many of the same tools he used so many years ago with various projects.

While I am able to make many types of furniture, signs, and other items, I had chosen to focus my energy solely on making custom wooden lake maps.  Over the last few years I have personally made over 300 of them for customers across the US of lakes lakes spanning the globe.

With covid, when the cost of lumber skyrocketed, I shifted my business to design and make other items.  Then, in 2023, due to some serious family health issues, I stopped making things entirely to focus on what was most important.  Now in 2024, with clean bills of health all around, I have started designing and making things once again. 


All items (made in-house and some through external manufacturers) are made on-demand.  This allows me to keep costs and inventories low, product options and availability high, but does add a few days before items can ship.

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