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Welcome to Sundling Road

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If you're a previous Sundling Road customer, you're probably wondering what happened to my Etsy site.   It is still there (for now), just not via the direct link.

After some consideration, I decided to make the move from Etsy and create my own site powered by Wix. Here, I will be able to offer you more products at lower prices than through Etsy.  Keep checking back for new items as I will keep adding them over time.  It's still just me running this very small business out of McFarland, WI.


I will personally be the one designing everything and making all hats, wood maps, and most other items that I can use my laser cutter to cut/etch (like slate and cork coasters, tumblers, leather patches, etc.).

As with my Etsy site, I will still make custom lake map items for any lake under the sun.  If you don't see your lake listed, just reach out.

For now, if you'd prefer to use my Etsy site, you can find it here:


The name “Sundling Road” is paying homage to the Sundling Rd. in northern WI - the road named after my great grandfather, Axel, who came over from Sweden in the early 1900s and settled in Winter, WI in 1918.  At the end of what became "Sundling Rd." he built a homestead and a family. One of his lasting legacies was a hand-built cabin on that property, which still stands today and I visit as often as I can.

With Sundling Road, I am striving to continue his legacy while at the same time creating my own. While my great grandfather's work was done all using early 20th century hand tools, I have the advantage of using large format CNC and laser cutters, sublimation printers, as well as many other digital and power tools.  That said, you will still find me using many of the same tools he used so many years ago with various projects.

While I am able to make many types of furniture, signs, and other items, I had chosen to focus my energy solely on making custom wooden lake maps.  Over the last few years I have personally made over 300 of them for customers across the US of lakes lakes spanning the globe.

Recently due to the cost and availability of lumber, specifically the Baltic birch I used for making my wooden lake maps, I decided to venture into new mediums and for the most part put my wooden lake map making on hold - while still remaining focused on creating lake map art.  All items you see in my shop have been designed by me.

All hat patches are made by me and attached to each hat by me.  To offer additional items that I am currently unable to manufacture in-house, I have chosen other manufacturers who specialize in these items to make them based on my designs. 


All items (made in-house and through external manufacturers) are made on-demand.  This allows me to keep costs and inventories low, product options and availability high, but does add a few days before items can ship.

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