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Custom Lake Art

Lakes hold a special place in our hearts, often serving as the backdrop to cherished memories of family gatherings, peaceful solitude, and joyful adventures. Each lake carries its own narrative, deeply personal and unique to those who have spent time on its shores. At Sundling Road, we understand the sentimental value these natural wonders hold, which is why every lake item we create is treated as a piece of art, distinct and individual. Whether it's a laser-engraved map or a custom-designed piece that captures the essence of your favorite lakeside retreat, each creation is crafted with the utmost care to honor the personal connections and memories that make each lake so special to you.

Some examples of my lake art

Across the country, hundreds of homes proudly display their own custom lake map crafted by Sundling Road, each a unique tribute to a beloved waterside haven.


What's your lake? More importantly, what stories do your waters whisper? Let me craft a personalized lake map that captures the essence of your cherished retreat, turning your memories and special moments into a beautiful piece of art that speaks to the heart.

Ready for your custom lake art item?

At the moment, I am only taking commissions for lake map wall art items that would exceed $500.  This would include my backlit lake maps in sizes 400 square inches or larger.

Other lake art items including lake art hats, t-shirts, mugs, etc. will be considered on a case by case basis.


To get started, all I need to know from you is the location and name of your lake along with the type of lake art you are looking for - a backlit map, a bathymetric lake depth map, or something else.  From there, I will work up a design and share it with you to make sure you like it prior to you placing your order.  Just fill out the form here and include details surrounding what it is you are looking for.  I will then follow up with you with additional questions if necessary and we can go from there.

Custom Lake Art Request Form

Thanks! We'll reach out with some follow-up questions soon.

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