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  • Can you make products for lakes not listed in your shop?
    Yes. I am able to make products for any lake under the sun. Just reach out and let me know what lake, pond, or water body you would like to have a product made for, the type or types of products you would like, and I will be happy to design it and get it added to my store for you to order.
  • Do you do bulk orders?
    Yes. Please reach out to me and let me know the item or items you are looking to put in a bulk order for and how many items you are looking to purchase. If your item is not already listed for sale, I am happy to custom design one for you as well. Once I have the details on what it is you are looking to put an order in for, I will get back to you with a quote.
  • Do you still make wooden lake maps?
    I do, just not all styles I once offered. I have also updated my design a bit so I can once again offer smaller maps at a reasonable price point. If you are a previous customer and are looking for another map to match one I have already made for you, please reach out and I can work with you to see if I will be able to accommodate your needs.
  • Did you once sell on Etsy?
    Yes - I am the same Sundling Road you may have seen or bought from on Etsy.
  • What happened to your Etsy store?
    Etsy's cost structure and lack of flexibility made me decide to move sales to a Wix powered e-commerce site. In doing so, I will be able to offer more products at lower prices than if I stayed at Etsy. You may still see a presence on Etsy for a period of time while I make the transition.
  • Why don't you have my lake?
    If you don't see your lake on a hat or other product, don't worry, I am still able to make it for you. Just reach out to me with lake name, state it's in and the type of product you're looking for and I will draft up something for you to see prior to you placing your order to make sure you will like the design.
  • What hats do you use?
    After extensive searching and trying/buying various hats, I have selected both Yupoong and Richardson brand hats to use with my patches. Both hats brands are high quality, have extensive color and style options, and simply look good. The only downside is some of the hat colors and styles I like to use are generally in high demand and supply has been low. I do consistently watch all my suppliers for stock though, so I have yet to run out.
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